Criteria that must be met to participate in an Art Field Trip:


______ No grade lower than a B- in any core subject.

______Math _____Science ______Language Arts _______ Social Studies

Please have teachers in the core classes list grade and initial it in the spaces.

______ Not less than a 90% (A-) average in Art class.

( If there are more applicants for the trip than spaces available, determination will be made by choosing the students with the highest overall grade point average.)

______ No trips to the Responsibility Room this semester.


______ Not on Social Restriction this school year.


______ No suspensions this school year.


Student Name: ____________________________(please print)

Grade: 6 7 8 9 Home Phone #: _____________



By signing this application, I am stating that all of the information provided above is accurate.

Student signature:________________

Parent signature:_________________